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Each person contemplating a divorce has different needs and expectations. The divorce process can be intimidating and frightening.

When deciding upon a divorce attorney, your goal should be to retain someone who:

  • has a proven history of being knowledgeable in the area of divorce law.
  • who listens to your needs and the results you hope to achieve.
  • who you can ask questions of, without feeling uncomfortable.
  • who will include you in all decision making.
  • who will keep you informed on a regular basis.

It is reasonable to expect your divorce attorney to give you personal attention and prompt responses to your inquiries.

Because you want to obtain the best result possible, you should look for someone who is pragmatic and able to creatively problem solve.

It is important that you interview the attorney in person and determine whether you will be working directly with that person or with another attorney from that firm.

It is also important for you to ascertain the attorney’s approach to a divorce case. A personal interview will allow you to decide, at the outset, whether you are comfortable with the attorney’s philosophy.

Some questions you may want answered during the interview process could be:

Does this attorney understand complex financial situations?

What kind of experience does this attorney have?

How will this attorney insure my interests are looked out for?


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